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Department of Vacation Rental Compliance

(Reference Ordinance No. 1918/Palm Springs Municipal Code 5.25, Vacation Rentals)


Questions asked frequently by owners and agents:

1. Can an Owner own more than one Vacation Rental property?
Applications are no longer accepted on additional vacation rental properties; an owner may only be issued,
and can only maintain, one Vacation Rental Registration Certificate at any time. (Note: multiple Certificates, if
issued prior to January 10, 2017, remain valid.)

2. Can a business apply for a Vacation Rental Certificate?
Applications are no longer accepted from a Business Entity to register as a vacation rental property.
Business Entity means a corporation, partnership or other legal entity that is not a natural person, or a
personal or family trust or a limited liability company consisting solely of natural persons. (Note: Business
Entities with current Certificates will transfer each Vacation Rental to a natural person prior to June 1, 2018
or cease to operate the property as a Vacation Rental.)

3. What is Home‐sharing?
Home‐sharing is a unique category of short term vacation rental where the owner is present during the entire
stay of all guests. There are some different requirements for registering and operating as a Home‐sharing
vacation rental; see the VRCD website and contact the VRCD with any questions.

4. What if my Vacation Rental property has more than 4 bedrooms, am I an Estate Home?
An Estate Home means a single family dwelling with 5 or more bedrooms. There are some different requirements
for registering and operating as an Estate Home; see the VRCD website and contact the VRCD with any questions.
Vacation Rental Registration Certificates will only be issued to an Estate Home for use of 5 or 6 bedrooms. In
addition to obtaining a Vacation Rental Certificate, Estate Homes are also required to obtain a Land Use Permit
from the Planning Department.

5. Can properties located within a homeowner’s association register as a short term rental property?
Yes, but only if the owner or owner’s agent provides a letter from the HOA Board of Directors or the Property
Management Company (please do not provide copies of the CC&Rs), when applying for or renewing a Vacation
Rental Registration Certificate, that states operating a short term vacation rental does not violate the CC&Rs.

6. What is required to apply for a Vacation Rental Registration Certificate?
A complete Vacation Rental Registration Certificate Application must be submitted along with a non refundable
registration fee of $900 annually for short term vacation rentals. ( Home‐sharing registration fees are $225
annually.) An application for a Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) Permit is also required with a one‐time non
refundable fee of $25. Both applications are on the VRCD website; once completed, the owner must sign since
the owner is ultimately responsible for operation and compliance of their vacation rental property. VRCD lead
time is currently 45 days for processing. Advertising and operating may not occur until the Certificate and Permit
are issued by the VRCD.
Application requirements are addressed in PSMC Section 5.25.060. The VRCD reserves the right to deny/delay
issuance of a Vacation Rental Registration Certificate if there are outstanding permit items or fees associated
with the property and due to the City of Palm Springs.
We recommend applicants thoroughly read the PSMC 5.25 regarding Vacation Rentals prior to submitting an
application, and contact the VRCD with any questions. There are various application and operational
requirements for owners and agencies, and fines/fees/penalties for violations.

7. Are there insurance requirements?
Yes, an Owner must carry a vacation rental insurance policy or personal liability policy during the complete term
of the Vacation Rental Registration Certificate with a minimum limit of $500,000 per occurrence. It is not
required that the City of Palm Springs be an additional insured party on the policy. Evidence of insurance will be
required at time of application and renewal.

8. Is there a hold harmless/indemnification agreement that I am required to sign?
A form is included in application and renewal process that the owner is required to sign.

9. What is the building, fire and safety inspection?
The VRCD will schedule an annual visual inspection at the vacation rental property at time of application or
renewal. The owner, agent or a representative must be at the property during the inspection. The checklist will
be included on our website once finalized. Part of the inspection will require certification by a licensed
electrician regarding the operability of GFI for any pool and spa; this form will be included on our website once
finalized and it will be the responsibility of the owner/agent to obtain the electrician’s signature.

10. What operating requirements must I meet as an owner or agent?
Operating requirements are addressed in PSMC 5.25.070. Requirements include that owners must limit
occupancy per guest stay (see below, question 13) as well as the number of contracts per calendar year (see
below, question 17). There are requirements for guest contracts and providing information to guests to help
ensure that guests are good neighbors. This includes the owner/agent contact information 24x7, and
notification that the guest may be cited or fined by the City for creating a disturbance or violating the rules and
regulations. The owner/agent/representative must meet all guests in person at the Vacation Rental or at the
owner’s/agent’s place of business prior to the stay or within 24 hours of arrival, and describe all rules and
regulations. Obtaining signature of the Responsible Party and all guests to a statement of rules and regulations
is required (see below).

11. What are the Good Neighbor Brochure and the City Manager’s Statement Rules and Regulations?
The Good Neighbor Brochure and Statement of Rules and Regulations can be found on our website. The
owner/agent/representative must provide these to the guests and obtain signatures of all guests on the
Statement of Rules and Regulations. Copies of these must be posted in the vacation rental, and maintained in
the owner’s/agent’s records for 4 years. If a City responder to a Hotline call arrives at the vacation rental
property, the responder may ask the guest to see the signed copy of the Statement of Rules and Regulations.

12. What are the posting requirements?
The Good Neighbor Brochure and the signed Statement of Rules and Regulations must be posted on the inside
of the front door and the primary door to the backyard, or in a conspicuous location near each such door.
The Vacation Rental Registration Certificate must also be posted by the front door. Conspicuous placement
helps remind guests of the rules and regulations, including outdoor music and noise restrictions.

13. Are there occupancy limits or other restrictions on guests staying in short term vacation rentals?
Yes, the occupancy limits are below.

*Estate Home (unique category of short term vacation rental)
** Overnight occupancy allows for two (2) minors age twelve (12) and under.

14. Are there parking/car or trash requirements for a short term vacation rental?
Yes, one car per bedroom is permitted; parking must be in accordance with the applicable PSMC and not
block traffic, driveways, etc.
Trash may not be left in public view, except on designated pick up day and in proper containers. Owners are
required to upgrade trash service to “walk up” with PSDS, and this will occur when the Vacation Rental
Registration Certificate application is processed.

15. What happens if a Hotline call is made regarding my property?
The City of Palm Springs has a 24 x 7 Vacation Rental Hotline that is managed by the VRCD. Anyone
experiencing a disturbance from a Vacation Rental may call. The caller is not required to identify
themselves. The caller may give the responder permission to access their yard on arrival to better
assess the situation.
City responders will make contact with the guest. If there is a violation, a citation will be issued.
Citations issued to the guest will count against the total number of violations for the Vacation Rental
property/owner. The owner/agency will be contacted by the VRCO in such cases. In the event the
VRCD requires assistance at a Vacation Rental, the local contact person must respond in person to the
property within 30 minutes. Hotline calls, responses and resolution are recorded and weekly reports
are included on the VRCD website.

16. What if I am an Owner/Agent and I believe a neighbor calls the Hotline unnecessarily?
The filing of knowingly false claims against a Vacation Rental or the guests staying in a Vacation Rental is
prohibited. Volume of calls, nature of calls and response data is monitored by the VRCD to ensure the City
resources are being allocated appropriately.

17. Are there restrictions on the number of days or contracts that a Vacation Rental property can
There is no restriction on the number of days. However, no more than thirty two (32) contracts for
Vacation Rental use of a property is allowed in any calendar year; and an additional four (4) contracts
may occur in July, August and September. For the first year a Vacation Rental Registration Certificate is
in effect the 32 contract limit will be prorated; and the 4 additional contracts may be used in July,
August and September.
Ordinance 1918 was effective April 16, 2017; for calendar year 2017, the following applies:
“For calendar year 2017, in the event that the number of fully executed and enforceable contracts for
a Vacation Rental exceeds a total of 36 contracts, the limits do not apply. However, no additional
contracts may occur for calendar year 2017. Twenty eight contracts are permitted between April 16,
2017 and December 31, 2017 (with 4 of these occurring in July, August and September.)”

18. What are the Family and Friends requirements?
An owner may identify 5 persons who may occupy the Vacation Rental unit at no cost and without
requiring the presence of the owner on the premises during the stay. Occupants must comply with
Vacation Rental rules. Providing the list will occur at the time of application and renewal; no changes will
be permitted otherwise.
For owners/agents with existing Vacation Rental Registration Certificates, a form is on the VRCD website to
complete and send in to identify Friends and Family prior to June 30, 2017.

19. How do I submit my contract summary to the City?
On July 1, 2017, the VRCD website will have an on line tool in place for owners and agents to submit a contract
summary. A copy of the guest contract is not required. The VRCD will use this contract summary information to
maintain a count of the guest stays against PSMC limits.

20. How do I pay Transient Occupancy Taxes (TOT) to the City of Palm Springs?
TOT payments of 11.5% are required to be reported and paid monthly, even if there was no guest activity or
payment received in that period. Currently, these cannot be paid or reported on line, and must be timely mailed to
the City of Palm Springs. The TOT reporting form is on the VRCD website. Please call 760‐323‐8226 with any questions
on completion and submittal of this form.
It is important to note that PSMC 5.25 requires the TOT Permit number to be prominently placed on all advertising,
and it is a violation to not do so.